Husband Loses Testicle After Wife Knees Him In Groin During Huge Argument

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A man has had a testicle removed after his wife kneed him in the groin during a heated argument.

27-year-old Rimma Gayazova was with her ex-husband Vyacheslav Povetyev and their son in an elevator in the Russian city of Kaliningrad when the pair got into an argument over a weekend visit with the child.

The exchange turned violent when the 29-year-old man reportedly grabbed Rimma by the neck and attempted to take their son from her, but the woman was more than prepared to defend herself.

When she was in school the 27-year-old practised boxing, and her fighting instinct reportedly kicked in when her ex grabbed her. She kneed Vyacheslav in the groin, causing a scrotal rupture.

Man loses testicle after being kicked in groineast2west news

That should certainly teach everyone that violence is never the answer.

The ex-husband was taken to hospital with his injury, where surgeons had to remove the damaged testicle. Vyacheslav reportedly complained to police that the attack had caused ‘psychological harm’ and left him ‘half-castrated’ and ‘infertile’.

According to the Mail Online, a statement from Kaliningrad police explained:

The victim went to hospital with the injury, where doctors diagnosed a scrotal rupture, considered to be a moderate bodily injury.

Man loses testicle after being kicked in groineast2west news

Though Rimma claimed she was simply defending herself from her ex, she is facing a criminal investigation for ‘the intentional infliction of moderate bodily harm’ – the punishment of which is up to three years in jail.

The police statement continued:

Investigators from the police department for the Leningradsky district initiated a criminal case under article 112 of the (Russian) Criminal Code – ‘Intentional infliction of moderate bodily harm’.

It is known that as a teenager the woman was engaged in boxing.

Despite Rimma’s claims about her husband’s attack, Vyacheslav is reportedly not under criminal investigation.

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