Husband Mistakenly Accuses Sandwich Shop Of Calling His Wife A B*tch

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Jul 2021 18:38
Woman Mistakenly Accuses Sandwich Shop Of Calling Her A B**chFacebook/PA Images

A husband rushed back into a restaurant to mistakenly complain after he accused a sandwich shop of calling his wife a ‘b*tch’. 

With fast food restaurants and coffee shops often having to deal with numerous orders at once, it’s not uncommon for staff to scribble something on the order to help them remember what it is and who it’s for.


Anyone who’s ever ordered a drink from Starbucks will be all too familiar with the name-on-the-cup system, though an incident that occurred at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in the US is the perfect example of how this system can go wrong.

One such mix up happened in South Carolina, after Robert Wilson Barnes and his wife took their sandwich order out of the bag after leaving the Jimmy John’s drive-thru, and were stunned to see what appeared to be the word ‘b*tch’ written on the packaging.

Barnes took to Facebook to explain the situation, MailOnline reports, writing: ‘My wife took her sandwich out of the bag and we see THIS! Seriously? Oh, not today, not today!’


Now, had the employee in question actually been calling the customer a ‘b*tch’, their anger would have been warranted, but the manager was apparently left completely baffled by Barnes’ outrage. ‘I pointed at the writing on the sandwich and demanded that he tells me why someone felt the need to write it on my wife’s sandwich,’ Barnes wrote.

Sandwich shop order appears to read b*tch (Staccey Louiise Browwn/Facebook)Robert Wilson Barnes/Facebook

As it turns out, the customer had ordered a ‘BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) with cheese’ and the employee had reflected this by writing ‘BLT CH’ on the sandwich, but due to the use of a lower-case ‘l’, the letters ended up looking more like an insult than an abbreviation.

Having realised the mistake, Barnes recalled his own response, saying: ‘To which I replied, ‘…Oh’.’


Naturally, Barnes’ post quickly went viral, amassing more than 100,000 reactions, comments and shares online.

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  1. MailOnline

    Furious South Carolina man stormed into a sandwich shop, demanding to know why 'b***h' was written on his wife's lunch package - only to be told it was because she ordered a BLT... with cheese