Identical Twins Announce They’re Getting Married To The Same Guy

by : UNILAD on : 29 Dec 2016 16:51

The ‘world’s most identical twins’ have decided they want to marry their boyfriend whom they share.


31-year-old twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque from Perth, Australia, announced their intention to marry their lover Ben Byrne in a slightly confused YouTube video.

While marrying identical twins might sound great to some people, Anna and Lucy point out there are some issues that Ben will face.

He has to get double of everything, two rings… we’re sending him broke.


The twins are super keen to point out that they definitely, definitely want to marry their joint boyfriend of five years. They repeat this point several times in the video.

However, they don’t seem to have worked out the little details. At one point Anna turns to Lucy (or possibly vice versa) and asks, ‘how is that going to work?’

Anna or Lucy replies, ‘I don’t know.’

But the pair are nothing if not YouTube pros and simply say ‘comment below your suggestions,’ before ignoring the issue and moving on to some in depth discussion about dresses and jewellery.

I did check the comments myself to see if anyone knew of a legal way for two women to marry one man in Australia and the best comment I could find was this response, ‘has Ben proposed?’


Which is a very good point. There is absolutely no mention of Ben until about five minutes in when one of the twins looks off-camera and says, ‘Ben is looking a bit worried.’

Pretty understandable as the costs seem to be mounting up already.

Also if Ben, Lucy and Anna, all enter into a marriage together would that mean Anna and Lucy are technically married to each other? Because that’s a bit weird.

Anyone who is finding this arrangement a bit unusual the girls have a message for you ‘haters’:


So there you go haters.

Fair play to Anna and Lucy, sure they haven’t ironed out the small details, but they know their own minds and are happy. What more can you ask for?

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