IKEA Shares How To Make 6 Types Of Furniture Forts During Quarantine

by : Cameron Frew on : 15 May 2020 16:10
IKEA furniture fortsIKEA furniture fortsIKEA

IKEA has released instructions on how to build six fantastic furniture forts. Why? Because forts are cool, that’s why. 


With so many people spending their days at home, it’s the perfect time to revisit the ingenuity of childhood fun. When you were young, you’d always find ways to amuse yourself, whether it was nonsensical games or playing with toys.

One activity everybody turned to at one point or another was the assembling of a mighty cushion fort – a palace made of just furniture that you and a sibling or friend would rule over with an iron fist. With these blueprints, kids and adults alike can make the best ones out there (passwords are optional).

Friends Fort GifFriends Fort GifWarner Bros.

Created by Russian ad agency Instinct for the homeware behemoth, the six sets of instructions mimic the company’s well-known, simplistic flat-plan guides to assembling its furniture. First off, let’s start easy: the Fortress.

fortress ikea fortfortress ikea fortIKEA

This is the basic fort, made up of couch cushions and a sheet over the top with pillows inside. Grab some snacks and you’re set up for the day in peaceful comfort. Next up, the House.

house ikea forthouse ikea fortIKEA

Again, this one will be familiar to many: all you need is a table and a couple of sheets. Pin them together with clothes pegs over the top and you have a makeshift tent! Grab a little lamp and save this one for nighttime scary stories.

camping tent ikea fortcamping tent ikea fortIKEA

There’s also the Camping Tent, assembled very similarly to the House, only this time instead of a table you use a free-standing clothes rack. Pin together some sheets over the top and shove some pillows underneath and you’ve got another excellent fort.

cave ikea fortcave ikea fortIKEA

Let’s mix it up a little: introducing the Cave. By far the simplest on the list, all you need is an arm chair to tuck a sheet into. Then, stretch it out from behind and use books (or any paperweight, really) to weigh it down, and you have shelter.

wigwam ikea fortwigwam ikea fortIKEA

If you fancy stepping up your fortress efforts, you could build a wigwam. For this, you’ll need a slim coat and hat stand. Pop it in the middle, wrap some sheets around the top, add some lights and you have a tepee tent.

castle ikea fortcastle ikea fortIKEA

Last but not least is the granddaddy of them all: the Castle. Fittingly named, you’ll require four chairs for the ‘walls’ and a coat stand to prop up the ‘roof’ in the middle. Lay down some pillows or a blanket underneath and you have the fort of kings and queens.

Get cracking, those forts aren’t going to build themselves.

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