Illegal Immigrant Reveals Just How Divided America Is

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It’s nothing new that America, despite being called the ‘United States,’ is anything but, however, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse since Trump has claimed his stake as one of the new world leaders.

It all started off really well on Reddit thread with pro-Trumpers showing they’re not all bad…


All of these are really nice and warm your heart, but perhaps we spoke too soon, as angry supporters popped up and got involved, spouting unnecessary bile and the whole thing took a downward turn…





Although luckily as you can see from the comments, kinder hearted souls jumped to the rescue and started a backlash against this ignorant post.


And just to make this backward-minded bigot feel really bad, this guy, who happens to be an immigrant himself, chose to be really nice to his abrasive counterpart in the conversation.

Bigot guy backed down, put his life in perspective, provided an example of globalisation and the dark side of unemployment in the USA, thus shattering the American dream. *Phew.*


Well I’m really glad humanity prevailed afterall…