Illinois Man Discovers Mysterious 19th-Century Tunnel Under His House

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Illinois Man Discovers Mysterious 19th-Century Tunnel Under His HouseFox 2 St Louis/YouTube

While you’d expect to find nothing put pipes and dirt underneath your home, one guy found something much more interesting.

After a section of the path near his home fell apart, Gary Machens, from Illinois, decided to do some digging – literally – and uncovered a 19th-century tunnel beneath his home.


It’s believed the tunnel dates all the way back to the 1840s, but it remains a mystery as to why it was built.

Check it out:


Discussing the matter with Fox 2 St. Louis, Machens explained how he came to make the discovery. He explained, ‘[I] had a problem here at the sidewalk, and as we were doing some excavating and repacking of the rock here, we discovered this tunnel here.’


‘Whatever they built this for, it took a lot of men and a lot of hours,’ he added, while stood in the tunnel. ‘One guy didn’t do this.’

How did the tunnel come to be hidden then, I hear you ask? Machen believes that the change in elevation since 1895, when this brick-lined street was put down, covered the opening to the tunnel, Fox 2 reports.

fox 2Fox 2 St. Louis

Machens further detailed his home’s history to the local news channel:


Three former mayors of Alton have lived in this house through the years. I don’t know if any of them knew about [the tunnel]. The house was built in 1890, the tunnel is believed from 1840, so it was here for 50 years.

What it was used for, I don’t know. We’ve got maps that go back to 1863 and this house was not there and there was not another house on this property here.


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The homeowner went on to question if the tunnel could have been used for an underground railroad. Machens added, ‘There’s no proof of [it being a railroad], but there was a ferry here in the Alton area to the Missouri side and it’s possible it could have been used for that.’

Fox 2Fox 2 St. Louis

Machens has since spoken to Landmark Historic Society, which says there are a few more similar tunnels located nearby, New York Post reported.


The Illinois resident isn’t the only person to have made a strange discoveries around their home; this TikToker found a whole secret apartment located behind her bathroom mirror.

Fortunately no one appeared to be in the apartment – that she could see, anyway…

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    Man discovers mysterious 19th-century tunnel under his home