Incredible Luxury Bunker Is Where You Want To Be During The Apocalypse


With the threat of nuclear war becoming more and more likely by the day, it’s only natural to start thinking about your own doomsday plan.

Unfortunately for many of us mere mortals, we will probably have to opt for the ‘hide under a table and wait for it to all blow over’ approach.

Survival Condo Project

But if you’re fearful of a post-apocalyptic world and have a few million quid to spare then this might be the solution for you.

The Luxury Survival Condo Resort near Concordia, Kansas, is an extravagant private bunker which has been kitted out with all the latest mod-cons so you can survive a nuclear war in style, the Daily Mail reports.

Survival Condo Project

The doomsday hideaway used to be home to a missile silo where rockets were made and tested by the U.S. military back in the 60’s.

But it has now been transformed into ‘survival-chic’ apartments, which include among other things, a massive swimming pool (water-slide included), lounge bars, gyms, shooting ranges and even its own private cinema.

On a more practical level they also include air and water filtration systems, several different energy sources and has the capacity to grow plants and breed fish for food supplies.

Oh, and most importantly it can withstand a nuclear fallout. Happy days!

Survival Condo Project

Despite the fact that these apartments cost millions of dollars each to buy, starting at $1.5m (£1.2m), the brainchild behind the venture, Larry Hall, claims there is a strong demand from wealthy clientele.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Larry said:

It is not stereotypical “survival nuts” as portrayed in movies, but individuals with the desire to provide care and protection for their family. These are luxury, nuclear-hardened bunkers that are engineered…to accommodate not just your physical protection but your mental well being as well.

The physical protection Larry mentions comes in the form of epoxy-hardened concrete walls, which are nine feet thick and designed to survive a direct nuclear strike.

While the super-rich manage to avoid an apocalypse they probably helped create, I’ll be crying in a corner while munching on some radioactive pigeon or something.

But I’m sure it’ll all be just fine… probably.