Incredible Moment ‘Batman’ Is Pulled Over By Police

Police stop 'batmobile'ViralHog

Video footage has captured the amazing moment ‘Batman’ was pulled over by a disgruntled police officer.

Now, Bruce Wayne may play by his own rules when fighting crime in Gotham City, but while travelling in Caledon, Ontario, Canada he must play by the rules of the police force.

Shot by an amazed passing motorist, the brief yet hilarious scene is like something from a comic book fan’s dream. Seriously, it’s a good job they filmed this as their mates would definitely never believe it…

Flashing lights can be seen as a police car pulls the iconic Batmobile over. With complete solemnity, the officer – who is unfortunately not police commissioner Gordon – marches over to the sleek, black vehicle.

At this moment, the Caped Crusader himself makes a spectacularly jaunty entrance; hopping cartoonishly out of the car with all the confidence of a man who’s made Michael Caine his butler.

In the short, but perfect moment the cameraperson passes by the bizarre scene, the police officer can be seen giving Batman a stern talking to.

Perhaps she’s demanding – from one law enforcer to another – to know whether or not he’ll be making an appearance in The CW’s Batwoman, and whether he even thinks this would be a good idea.

What’s most perfect is Batman’s dedication to channelling the dark spirit of the philanthropist-cum-vigilante.

Complete with bat ears and identity protecting mask, the Dark Knight’s long, black cloak can be seen billowing dramatically in the wind.

Speaking about the unusual interaction, the baffled cameraperson said:

Batman’s going to be a little late folks. Got to love how his cape sweeps the ground, upon exiting the Batmobile. Committed to the character, he loves it!

I pulled over up ahead and waited and they didn’t come so I think she was just telling him to get back in the car.

He’s lucky. She was behind him for a minute with the lights on trying to pull him over. I don’t know if he didn’t see her or what? Never get out of your vehicle and approach an officer.

The footage has since gone viral, and has bamboozled and amused in equal measure. There was also plenty of confusion as to why Bruce was revealing his bat persona in broad daylight.

Some have even admired the cop’s fearlessness when approaching the most infamous badass in the DC Universe, with one noting:

I mean if I was in that cops shoes, and batman jumped out of the car, I’d just run. Screw the law, if there’s one thing the games have taught me, it’s that I wouldn’t want broken bones lmao. [sic]

Another approving person said:

If i had the suit and car, best believe i would be driving around town in that sh*t too. [sic]

It looks like Batman is free to kick the Joker’s ass another day. Seriously, it would take Mr. Freeze levels of coldness to hand this guy a ticket.

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