Incredible Police Car Grappler Used To Stop Moving Vehicles Aims To End Police Chases Safely

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Incredible Police Car Grappler Used To Stop Moving Vehicles Aims To End Police Chases Safelyu/aceforest/Reddit

Footage shared online shows how officers can safely end vehicle pursuits with the help of a device known as ‘the Grappler’. 

Though high-speed chases might look cool on TV and in films, in reality they can be very dangerous situations as police officers have to find a way to stop moving vehicles from getting away.


Roofing contractor Leonard Stock was all too aware of this after watching a police pursuit television programme that showed several innocent motorists getting injured during a chase, so he came up with the idea of the ‘Grappler’; a device that allows officers to lower a net from the front of their car with the touch of a button.

Grappler Police Bumper (u/aceforest/Reddit)u/aceforest/Reddit

Once the net is deployed, officers can drive it in the direction of the car in front so that it wraps around a rear tyre and is pulled over the axel, causing the moving vehicle to stop in its tracks without harm to the car or drivers.

Speaking about the Grappler Police Bumper to KSHB News, Stock said:


When the net comes into contact with the tire it wraps around the axle and at that time the police officer will have control over that vehicle and they can bring the vehicle to a stop in a few seconds.


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See footage of the grappler in action below:

Lt. Col. Jenna Mitchell, assistant director of the Highway Patrol Division, commended the creation of the device to Click2Houston, saying, ‘The Grappler is cutting-edge technology which makes a tremendous difference for troopers. This device positively impacts the safety of troopers, the public and suspects, helping to end pursuits as safely as possible.’


The device is used by major agencies such as the US Border Patrol and other departments across the United States, with the Grappler Police Bumper website stating that there have been 170 field grapples since the first one in November 2018.

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    Police car grappler deployed to stop moving vehicle. It aims to end Police chase more safely