Indianapolis Nine-Year-Old Finds $5,000 Stashed In Family’s New SUV

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Indianapolis Nine-Year-Old Finds $5,000 Stashed In Family's New SUVPA Images/WRTV

A nine-year-old from Indianapolis who was cleaning his family’s new SUV found $5,000 underneath the floorboard.

Cleaning your car can be a laborious chore. However, Landon Melvin has shown the world why it is worth doing.


When Melvin’s family purchased a new Chevy Suburban back in September, it had a surprise buried inside. The car was working fine, but it seems it hadn’t been searched properly, and Landon Melvin ended up finding $5,000 underneath a floorboard.

Landon Melvin (WRTV)WRTV

The boy explained to WRTV:

I was cleaning my dad’s car when I looked under the floorboard and I found a package. I told my dad and he said, ‘whatever’.


To be fair to his father Michael, it is pretty unusual that a child finds a package full of money.

Michael explained:

I was like he’s nine. You found something, OK? ‘No, Dad, I really did.’ I walk over. I think it’s paperwork of some sort.

However, it definitely wasn’t paperwork, and Michael was clearly shocked when he realised what his son had found:


I look at [Landon] and run inside. I go upstairs. I start calling my wife, ‘Hey, babe, you got to check this out!’ And that’s when we dump it on the bed and money falls over the bed.


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Michael’s first thought was, ‘Woohoo! We’re $5,000 richer!’ But as time went on, the family began to think about who the money belonged to originally.

The cash was the property of the family who previously owned the vehicle. The family, from South Carolina, had taken a trip to Florida and had assumed they lost the money, but it turns out someone had just kept it somewhere very safe.


The Melvins reached out to the family to return the lost money, and rather than accept all the cash, the family decided to let Landon keep $1,000. The money is now being kept by Landon’s mother while he thinks of ways to spend this surprising fortune. Hopefully, his mum will make sure Landon makes a wise investment.

On the back of this surprise, Michael gave some advice:

Check floor mats, always. Mr. Sanchez, I will tell you this. We went back out and checked all the rest of the floor mats. What else is hidden in these vehicles? I will check. People were like, ‘It didn’t happen.’ I have the pictures to prove it. It actually happened.

A few people may just decide to take this advice and get around to cleaning their car now.


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    A 9-year-old found a surprise under the floor mat of his family's car — $5,000