Influencer Catches Alleged Stalker Lurking Outside Her Window

by : Hannah Smith on : 25 Jun 2021 18:07

A model has shared how she was forced to move house after catching a stalker looking into her bedroom window.

In a series of TikTok videos, Gustė Janušauskaitė showed footage captured on her Ring doorbell system of a man repeatedly showing up outside her house at night.


Gustė said her mum had initially called the police after spotting the stalker, but explained the ‘police did nothing,’ leaving them to take their own security measures. ‘So we moved the camera [closer] to my room and caught him coming back,’ she said in one video, before sharing the creepy footage of the man standing ‘directly outside’ her bedroom.

Gustė Janušauskaitė caught a stalker lurking outside her bedroom window (@gustejanus/TikTok)@gustejanus/TikTok

Commenters on the video warned Gustė the man appeared to be casing the house, peering inside the windows and looking up onto the roof. ‘Looks like he’s planning something with how he’s checking the structure of the house. Be safe,’ one person wrote.

In another video, Gustė said the stalker had managed to find her house despite it being in a gated community, and that she thought he’d been following her for a while, saying, ‘He knew my schedule and when I got home.’


To try and catch him out, Gustė and her mum set up a booby trap by tying a piece of rope between two trees. Roughly a week later, at around 2.00am, Gustė says she heard the booby trap go off, and after checking the Ring app on her phone, realised the stalker was right by her window.

‘I’m watching him watching me 2 inches away from my effing face,’ she told her followers in a video, adding, ‘I’ve never run so fast in my life to my mom’s room.’


Gustė said that despite calling the police and handing out posters around the neighbourhood, they were unable to identify the stalker, leaving her ‘scared and cautious every time I leave my house.’


In a later update, the model revealed she and her mum had since moved, and were now living in a 3rd floor apartment, adding that they’d handed photos of the stalker to a private investigator in an attempt to track him down.

Gustė said she’s been left traumatised by the experience, and has since taken to carrying pepper spray and a pocket knife with her wherever she goes. ‘The situation was extremely difficult to deal with once it happened,’ she told Bored Panda, adding, ‘I had/still have PTSD when going to sleep in my room.’

She’s also disappointed with the police’s response to the incidents, saying in a TikTok video, ‘This is literally how women die, because nobody listens to us, and we are constantly in danger.’

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  1. @gustejanus/TikTok

    still can’t believe this happened to me, the ptsd is real-stay safe out there ladies

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