Influencer ‘Comes Out As Korean’ On GB News After ‘Transitioning’ To The Nationality Following Eye Surgery

by : Julia Banim on : 02 Jul 2021 09:28
Influencer ‘Comes Out As Korean’ On GB News After ‘Transitioning’ To The Nationality Following Eye Surgery@londonoli/Instagram/GBNews

An influencer who has undergone multiple surgeries to look Korean has now ‘come out [as] Korean’ during a segment on GB News.

Oli London, who was born in Britain and has no Korean ancestry, has declared that he identifies as Korean after having undergone eye surgery, telling host Dan Wootton that ‘I’ve been transitioning, and now I’ve officially come out Korean’.


London explained that he feels his ‘DNA is Korean’, even though technically this isn’t true, remarking that he feels ‘so attached’ to Korean culture to the extent that his ‘whole life revolves around Korea’.

Check it out below:


London continued:


Of course I know I was born in the UK, but I feel more Korean than British.

When quizzed about whether he had any Korean ancestry at all, London admitted that ‘officially’ he did not, but noted that ‘there are so many ways to identify’ nowadays, asking why, if some people can identify as aliens, he can’t identify as Korean.

London went on to claim that he had been attacked ‘non-stop’ by the ‘woke mob’, but doesn’t understand why he has received such a fierce backlash.

Although he said that he ‘gets why there’s so much sensitivity when it comes to race’, London doesn’t feel like he’s ‘hurting anybody’ with how he identifies.


London also went on to boast that Korean people ‘loved’ him and are ‘obsessed’ with him, although it’s unclear whether or not he’s taken a full population survey before coming to this particular conclusion.

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