Inmate Uses TikTok To Show How ‘Prison Wine’ Is Made

by : Hannah Smith on : 20 Jun 2021 15:44
Inmate Uses TikTok To Show How 'Prison Wine' Is Madecalidago23/TikTok

A prison inmate is using TikTok to give people a glimpse of life behind bars, by sharing recipes concocted using commissary items.

@calidago23 has been cooking up a storm from inside his cell, showing his 20,000 followers how to make everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to strawberry cake using the limited food available for inmates to buy.


And in perhaps his most eagerly anticipated post, he’s recently revealed the secret to making the notorious prison wine brewed by inmates in prisons across the United States – and it turns out it’s a lot easier than you might think.


Apparently, prison wine requires just three readily available ingredients: orange juice, mountain dew, and gummy candy.

According to the inmate, by mixing the three items together in a plastic-bag and then leaving it in a trash can – or a toilet basin, if you want to do things the old school way – to ferment for about a week, you can brew up a pretty decent tasting vintage.


It sounds like knowing how to make prison wine is a pretty valuable skill on the inside, too, with the inmate claiming he sells his concoction to fellow prisoners for $30 per gallon.

TikTok inmate reveals prison wine recipe (@calidago23/TikTok)@calidago23/TikTok

The recipe has won a whole bunch of fans on TikTok, with one person even saying they’d pass the recipe on, writing, ‘My husband is locked up I literally tell him what you are cooking everyday.’

So if you’ve ever wondered just what proper prison moonshine actually tastes like, now you’ve got the recipe to find out for yourself, without having to spend any time behind bars.


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