Inside The Disney Club That’s So Exclusive You’ve Never Even Heard Of It

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Aside from being one of the most magical places on earth, Disneyland is also home to a mega exclusive members club…


The club is apparently in plain sight, slap bang in the middle of New Orleans Square in the theme park and comes with a stupidly long 14 year waiting list, according to the Daily Mail. 

Not only would you have to wait over a decade to access Club 33, you would have to pay upto $100,000 just to join and $30k in annual fees…

In return for that huge exchange of money, VIP members can enjoy exclusive dining at the Le Grand Salon or the Le Salon Nouveau which can only be accessed with an even more exclusive member.


Apparently, there are less than 500 members and to really make it difficult to join, potentials have to be recommended by existing members to get anywhere near the list.

If you do manage to score yourself membership, exclusivity is still very much prevalent, with rules on where photographs can be taken.

An anonymous member set up an Instagram page so he can share backstage snaps of this secretive club.

Rumours circulate several celebrities are part of this hidden circle, including Nicolas Cage, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks and Christina Aguilera.

Walt Disney sadly died before the club opened its doors to its very few members in 1967, but speculation around its name still continues.

Some say it was named in honour of the 33 park sponsors, while others believe it’s related to Walt Disney’s mysterious ties with the Masons…


Anonymous Disneyland33member spoke to the Daily Mail about his thoughts around the club’s name.

He said:

(The masonic ties) are a fun rumour to engage in and adds some more intrigue to the club.

The answer could simply be in regards to its address on 33 Royal Street, but that explanation is not so intriguing.

There are four different packages a wealthy, new member can be buy, choosing from gold, platinum, executive platinum and corporate.

Even the ‘basic’ gold package costs a hefty $25,000 upfront payment, with yearly payments of $13k after that…

On entering Club 33, members show their membership cards and wait in the ‘Court of Angels’ before they are escorted upstairs.

Prospective members have to undergo a rigorous interview type meeting with management in the Dream Suite, which was apparently once saved for those who were willing to pay $15,000 for an exclusive Walt Disney tour.

Drinks will set you back a fair whack though at $2,500 per ounce and their secret bars are the only places serving alcohol in the park.


Of course the club has a strict dress code, including collared shirts and trousers for the men and informal dresses or trousers and a blouse for the women.

Disneyland33member told the Daily Mail:

Before I was a member, I was fortunate to have gone a few times but never knew if there would be a next time so I found myself often looking for pictures of the club. I’ve seen a lot of inaccurate information about the club and started trying to provide proper information.

The club is pretty harsh and if their rules are broken, members are ordered to pay fines, but there are plenty of perks to keep them in check.

Disneyland33member told the Daily Mail:

They have a lot of events.

Superbowl and Oscar parties are at Le Salon Nouveau and they have hosted a dinner in the haunted mansion, New Year’s Eve party, horticulture events, Jazz events, premier movie screenings and reserved seating for the annual candlelight processional just to name a few.

Guests are also given fast passes, according to their membership packages, enabling them to access the park even when it’s closed to the public.

Of course Club 33 has its own merchandise, with some of the souvenirs costing $500…

According to the anonymous member, the best bit is Club 1901, which can only be accessed by the elitist of all their members.

This is apparently home to Walt Disney’s personal collection of books and contains the most prized possessions of the park’s founder.

This all sounds incredible.

Anyone got a spare $110k?

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