Instagram Account Shows Mugshots Of America’s ‘Hottest’ Criminals


A controversial Instagram has emerged celebrating the ‘hottest’ criminals in America.

Mugshawtys has so far posted 22 pictures alongside the tagline ‘hope bae makes bail.’

The premise isn’t too hard to grasp. It’s simply a punch of ‘hot’ mug shots above a word or two for what said person is doing time for.

For example…

loaning drivers license | stearns county, minnesota

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Loaning drivers license. Prison seems a bit harsh for that.

This girl’s in for cannabis possession. Perhaps the most common theme on Mugshawtys.

Other uploads are categorised under ‘no info’ or just ‘bae’.

Mugshawtys isn’t exactly a verified account. The pictures and sentences could be complete nonsense, but we’re willing to take them for what they say… for now.

It’s certainly proving popular with followers though, the page boasts over 15,000.

How do you feel about this?