Instagram Model Deletes Account After ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Image Exposes Her Edits

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 10 Apr 2020 17:05
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An Instagram influencer has been called out for editing her pictures to make her appear slimmer to help her sell diet products. 

A photograph dubbed a ‘behind the scenes’ snap of the social media influencer surfaced recently, showing her fans what she reportedly looks like without the usual editing.


The edited pictures of Instagrammer Rosa Yin, whose handle was @Enrosa_, were even used on an online forum to advertise the diet products.

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Following alleged unedited images of Rosa posing next to a car being shared, she threatened a lawsuit against the distributor of the images but failed to find out who it was.

She also threatened to go to the police with the names of anyone sharing the unflattering image, even going as far as to offer a reward for anyone who could tell her who the original distributor was.


The Instagrammer wrote:

If anyone sees someone sharing the secretly taken picture of me, and can provide their phone number or other personal details, I’ll reward you with 2,000 TWD [£58]. If you find the person who actually took the secret picture of me, you’ll get 16,800 TWD [£448]. Thank you. This is an opportunity to earn some money. If any of your friends share the picture with you, take a screenshot or give me the person’s Instagram handle. You’ll be rewarded as well.

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Rosa sold the diet products online via e-commerce platform Shopee, and used social media to market the goods and their apparent weightloss effects.


It was only after someone posted an unedited picture on the PTT Bulletin Board System, Taiwan’s online forum, that fans started to realise she didn’t look the way they thought.

Before deactivating her account, Rosa claimed she had gone to the police, but Taiwanese authorities have yet to announce any ongoing investigations.

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It was back in November that Instagram made the decision to stop people being able to see how many likes a person got on their posts, which made it harder for influencers to make money through the social media app.


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Those behind the decision argued the move was part of the company’s bid to become a safe place, alongside algorithms and filters which work to remove offensive or divisive comments and pictures.

In an interview with Wired in 2017, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom spoke about how he wanted to create a safer online community and clean up his platform.


He commented:


Maybe trying sends a signal to other companies that this is a priority, and starts a national and international conversation that we should all be having about creating safe and inclusive online communities, not only for our kids but for our friends and our families. I think that will be success.

Despite their efforts, it’s evident the popular social media platform is still subject to people wanting to create false impressions of themselves, which can be harmful to both the influencers and their followers.

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