Intimate Pics Of Jennifer Lawrence And New Boyfriend Get Savaged On Twitter


J Law’s got a new boyfriend and it seems that everyone has gone into nasty-overdrive, slating her new love for his looks (and age.)

The 26-year-old Passengers actress has been seen out and about with her new squeeze – director Darren Aronofsky – and no-one seems to be able to cope, according to Eilte Daily. 

This may be because he apparently doesn’t look how people were expecting him to, or perhaps because of his age – for the record, he’s 47 – but either way the response is really over the top.

Rumours had been flying around that the pair were dating, sparking mass speculation and gossip galore, but now the relationship appears to have been confirmed, people are going seriously overboard.

The seemingly controversial new romance has emerged after the pair worked on new film, Mother,  together, but has been cemented after they were spotted licking a lollipop (the same one) in New York at the weekend.

That bit may be a tad gross, but hey, each to their own, however, it’s really no excuse for people to start laying into the director and start slagging him off just because of his age.

Since the newly loved-up couple were seen strolling around the city, people of the internet have not been able to hold back the tidal wave of abuse and downright rude remarks.

So what if he might not be what Jen has gone for before – as long as she likes him that’s all that really matters.

And if they want to share lollipops then why the hell not. Congratulations to the pair.