Inventor Of The Famous Red Solo Cup Has Died, Aged 84

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Robert Leo Hulseman Obituary

Clearly 2016 is not done with us yet, as it has just delivered another fatal blow with the loss of the inventor of the Red Solo Cup. 


Could this year get any worse? Apparently so, with another iconic figure passing away.

Robert Leo Hulseman passed away at age 84, surrounded by his family in Northfield, Illinois, the Daily Mail reports.

Robert created the legendary party cup in the 70s and worked at the Solo Cup Company for 60 years.


The popular party piece rocketed to fame mainly because of its stand-out red colour, but also because of its handy inside rings, outlining the optimum levels for your favourite drinks.

Strangely, no-one really knows the real reason behind the colouring of the jovial drinks holder, not even the company.

Brand manager, Rebecca Bikoff suggested:

It makes sense that consumers would gravitate to this colour when you think about the kind of occasions it’s used at.

Interestingly, it was Robert’s dad that set up the $1.6 billion dollar company and who invented the original solo paper cup, which was deemed ‘one of the first’ party cups by the company spokesperson.

Even more bizarrely, the plastic cup has a song written about it by Toby Keith, featuring the lyrics, ‘You’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantastic…’

Despite the cup’s reputation for frat-parties and beer-pong, its creator was actually very religious and apparently steered clear of the crazy scenes his cups were seen at, in favour of penning poems to God.


This last year has just been too much.

Far too many legendary people have left us in 2016. Even if 2017 doesn’t any better, at least it can’t get any worse!

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    Inventor of the famous Red Solo Cup dies at 84