Irish First Dates Just Had The Most Awkward Ending To A Date Ever

first dates irelandRTE2

While it is great seeing people fall in love on hit television show First Dates, the awkward encounters is the real reason many of us watch it.

And last night’s episode of First Dates Ireland did not disappoint as we watched Aidan from Tralee and Siobhan from Youghal meet each other for the first time.

Although there have been a lot of uncomfortable dates on the show, this is the cringiest we have ever seen.

first dates irelandRTE2

From the moment Aidan meets Siobhan, it appears she has no interest in him.

Which is something he picked up on as he tells the cameras:

You know when a bird looks at ya and you know she wants ya? Well, I didn’t get that.

Hhahaha. Was there a better looking fella behind me?

Throughout the whole date Siobhan barely looked at Aidan, let alone engaged in conversation, and she became seemingly less impressed when he referred to her as ‘a bird’ and told the waiter it must have taken her three hours to get ready for the date.

That isn’t exactly a compliment, Aidan.

first dates irelandRTE2

When the bill arrived Siobhan refused to let Aidan pay it repeatedly saying ‘no, no, no, we’re splitting it’ appearing to want to get out of the door as quick as she could.

However, unfortunately for Siobhan she had to stay for the post-date interview.

If you thought the date was awkward enough, well get ready for an even more uncomfortable encounter.

You can watch a clip from the episode here:

In response to the question ‘will you see each other again’, Aidan replied with:

I don’t think I was what she was looking for is the answer to your question.

When Siobhan then asked him ‘is that a no’, Aidan avoided answering by umming and ahing before eventually saying ‘no, but yeah, but it is not a no, but you know, a bird, but you don’t fancy me so I feel like there is a better geezer out there for ya’.

Just say ‘no’ Aidan, that is clearly what you want to say!

Although Siobhan didn’t seem at first impressed by his response, she then said ‘that’s a good answer’.

However, things took a surprising turn when Siobhan added ‘I would have said yes, I would have liked to see you again’.

Aidan’s face really does say it all…

first dates irelandRTE2

When he could eventually form some words, Aidan said:

See the thing is, you know like, really? F*ck me.

Trying to see why Aidan thought the date didn’t go well, Siobhan asked him ‘how do you know when a girl fancies ya, because they are all over ya?’

Aidan’s nod meant Siobhan was right telling him ‘it doesn’t take a girl to be all over ya to fancy ya and I am not the kind of girl to throw myself at someone’.

It will certainly be interesting to see if the pair do go on another date.

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