Irish Locals Don’t Let Floods Stop Them From Going For A Pint


As the wintery weather arrives, most of us are looking out the window pining for some Christmas snow.

But in Ireland, all they’re getting at the minute is torrential rain, with as much as 40mm of rain falling in some parts yesterday.

There was widespread chaos as a result of the awful weather, especially in County Loais where three rivers burst their banks, according to the Irish Mirror.

There was severe flooding in the area, but that didn’t deter the locals pub from going for a quick pint.

Irishderic_hartigan / Twitter

Dowling’s Bar in Mountmellick posted on Facebook that they were still open, despite water reaching shin-levels.

They posted simply:

We are open but you need wellies.

Obviously, the die-hard locals decided to take the flooded pub up on the offer, and turned up for their usual pint in their usual spot.

A picture of the men went quickly viral, which was posted by TV3 presenter Deric Hartigan, who shared it on Twitter.

He tweeted:

Only in Ireland. Bar floods and they’re still supping.

At the time of writing, the tweet has been retweeted 238 times and liked 469 times.

E J Delaney replied to the tweet: ‘Sure they might as well be wet on the inside & the outside’.

Another pointed out this behaviour is steeped in Irish tradition, pointing out this old photo of blokes having a grand old time in Cork in the 50s.

Nothing was ever going to stop the Irish from drinking, not even a flooded pub, these men are inspirations to us all.