Is Khloé Kardashian Stealing Her Tweets From Yahoo Answers?

by : Tom Percival on : 23 Mar 2016 17:10
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So it turns out that Khloe Kardashian‘s got a new irritating habit, she tweets random questions and everyone’s dying to know where she gets her ideas?

Thankfully the spirit of investigative journalism isn’t dead and like The Guardian unearthing historic phone hacking, the intrepid journalists over at Buzzfeed have uncovered Khloe’s dirty secret. She takes them from Yahoo answers, we’ll give you time to recover.


Now you’ve got over that shock why not take a look through Buzzfeed’s damning evidence.

Where do her kooky ideas come from?

enhanced-23293-1458595900-1Tom Percival

Could it be Yahoo answers?

enhanced-3619-1458595572-6Tom Percival

These are pretty much word for word…

enhanced-4029-1458595559-1Tom Percival


enhanced-3619-1458595572-6 (1)Tom Percival

The evidence keeps stacking up…

enhanced-6893-1458595716-5Tom Percival

We’re sure the Twitter police have been notified…

enhanced-2906-1458595682-8 (1)Tom Percival

They’re definitely stupid enough to be from Yahoo answers…

enhanced-23730-1458595659-2Tom Percival

But we can’t say for definite…

enhanced-9619-1458595873-1Tom Percival

It’s difficult to say…

enhanced-10283-1458595773-1Tom Percival

Because I wouldn’t put this level of stupidity passed a Kardashian…

enhanced-11058-1458595752-19Tom Percival

This old joke?

enhanced-12621-1458596085-9 (1)Tom Percival


enhanced-4572-1458596055-6Tom Percival

Khloe doesn’t just use Yahoo though…

enhanced-8595-1458596546-2Tom Percival

She’ll even head to Quora for content…

enhanced-10709-1458596524-1Tom Percival

Looks like someone’s on to her though…

enhanced-7896-1458701574-1Tom Percival

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    Khloé Kardashian Might Be Stealing Her Tweets From Yahoo Answers