ISIS Leader Gives Intimate Interview About Beheading People


An ISIS leader has given an incredibly revealing interview about life as one of the world’s most wanted jihadis.

Rachid Kassim, has been linked to numerous terror attacks including the murders of a policeman and his partner and a Catholic priest in France, reports The Mirror.

Born in France, Kassim has given his first on-the-record interview to Amarnath Amarasingam, a U.S academic who specialises in jihadism research.

amaranthAmarnath Amarasingam/YouTube

He spoke in-depth about a number of aspects of being a Daesh leader, but perhaps most shockingly, revealed how he ‘enjoyed’ beheading prisoners.

He said:

To behead an animal, it would be difficult, with enemies of Allah, it is a pleasure.

Kassim also appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video six days after Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel killed 86 people in Nice in which he praised the attack before murdering a prisoner.

The 29-year-old fled to Syria with his wife and daughter after French authorities put him under constant surveillance due to his radical views.


He said:

The cops knew about me. Every time I went jogging, there were always two cops following me. Then they hide. It was ridiculous.

We left everything behind. Especially my cat. I had a wonderful cat that I left in Gaziantep. It was one of the saddest things about my hijrah [migration to Syria].


Kassim says his focus is now on recruiting young French jihadists to join the fight and has urged people to send videos proving their ‘oath of allegiance’.

He also said the fall of Mosul to Western-backed Iraqi forces will not stop the jihad and that preventing extremists travelling to Syria will only lead to more attacks in Europe.