Italian Woman In Search Of Mystery Man Plasters London With Posters

by : UNILAD on : 13 Nov 2015 16:03
PAY-Elisa-Laffi (3)PAY-Elisa-Laffi (3)SWNS

This Italian woman is determined to find the mystery man she spent a memorable night with over Halloween.


When Elisa, 28, didn’t hear back from the Scottish man she shared a kiss with at a bar in Clapham, she decided to plaster the streets of London in these posters to try and locate him.

PAY-Elisa-Laffi (2)PAY-Elisa-Laffi (2)SWNS

She told The Mirror:

I hope he doesn’t think I’m crazy. But at the end of the day it’s quite funny.

I was queuing at the bar and spotted him, but I couldn’t go over and say ‘hello’ as it was my round so I went to find him afterwards.


Elisa’s even set up a special email, Instagram, and the search has its own hashtag – #findingthescottie.

PAY-Elisa-Laffi (1)PAY-Elisa-Laffi (1)SWNS

So far she’s not heard anything back from the mystery Scot, but she remains positive, saying: “I put them up yesterday morning, so there’s still time… I’m hoping maybe he sees one going to the shop or getting the bus”.

But she has had some messages of encouragement from people who’ve seen her posters about.

PAY-Elisa-Laffi (4)PAY-Elisa-Laffi (4)SWNS

Good luck to her!

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