Jackie Chan’s Daughter Comes Out As Androgynous Using Emoji


Jackie Chan’s daughter Etta Ng has come out as androgynous on Instagram by simply using an emoji.

In a post yesterday, the 18-year-old daughter of the martial arts Hollywood star shared a photo of herself against a rainbow backdrop.

The snap was perfectly captioned with a simple rainbow emjoi and the four hashtags ‘lgbtqai, lgbt, lesbian and androgynous’.

? #lgbtqai #lgbt #lesbian #androgynous

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Around the same time, Canadian social media influencer Andi Autumn posted a photo also on Instagram that seemed to confirm her long suspected relationship with Ng.

The photo of the two taking a mirror selfie was captioned:

I’ve never met anyone like @stolenmilktea. She has given me a chance to fully express the running thoughts in my head.

Everything was against us. We’ve been pushed down again and again but it’s worth it knowing we will get through it together, side by side.

Skip past all of the difficulties we’ve had this year, we are finally heading in the right direction, we have a path.

We’ve encountered a lot of discrimination from family, friends, and the Hong Kong society. We are living in such an international city and yet so many people have their minds closed off.

But none of it matters when I know every morning you’re going to be next to me. I love you.

Etta, the child of Chan and Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng, has said previously that she has not been in contact with the martial arts legend.

Chan and her mother dated very briefly and so the actor has never really been in her life.

Etta was also recently in the news when she reported her mother to the police after a domestic dispute.

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Her recent Instagram post has received a lot of love online.

One commenter said ‘happiness is all that matters’ while another added ‘love is blessing’.

A fan also stated:

It is really courageous of you two to come out.

The way the Chinese and Hong Kong media treat you two are so wrong, they are too idiotic to see how big the world really is and too bigoted to be respectful to others.

I hope the best for you two and love win.

The communist government in China has been working to ban LGBTQ themes in both film and media but there is a backlash from a growing pool of vocal millennials.

?throwback Thursday to when I had hair

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Chan himself was also in the news today as we finally got the confirmation that Rush Hour 4 is finally happening!

The first film arrived in 1998, with Chris Tucker and Jackie playing Detectives Carter and Lee respectively.

It found a massive audience thanks to the genius blend of humour and kung-fu.

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According to E! News, Chan spoke to Power 106’s The Cruz Show about the struggles of getting a fourth instalment on the go.

He said:

For the last seven years, we’ve been turning down the script, turning down the script. Yesterday, we just agreed.

The script, probably at the end of this month, will have a second draft and next year, [we’ll] probably start.

If… Chris Tucker agrees.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he does!