Japan Is Opening A New Pub Just For People To Drink Alone

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 01 Feb 2021 17:01
Japan Is Opening A New Pub Just For People To Drink AlonePexels/PA

Ever wanted to go for a drink on your own but didn’t want to end up surrounded by couples and loud groups? Well, Japan has just the place for you.

A new pub is opening its doors for lone-drinkers only, meaning you can enjoy your French Martini in peace without your mate Natalie moaning about her ex-girlfriend.


Named Juden Highball, the pub will be located in the city of Hakodate, in Hokkaido Prefecture, and will be fitted with single-seater booths, while tablets will be available to order food and drink from.

Opening on Friday, February 5, the pub will also be ideal in the wake of the ongoing health crisis, as it will follow social distancing requirements.


Topping it off, the pub will offer side dishes too, perfect for the Joey Tribbianis among us who hate sharing food.


The Juden Highball takes its name from the Japanese word ‘juden’ meaning to recharge, as the pub aims to be an ideal spot for people feeling drained by the changes brought on by the pandemic, according to Sora News 24.

As per Inside Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has declared parts of the country to be in a state of an emergency as of Friday, January 29, though Hokkaido Prefecture was not one of them.

Post-pandemic, the pub will be an introvert’s paradise.

Sora News 24

Many people applauded the idea and said they’d wanted this type of bar in their town even before COVID hit.

Others begged the question of why they’d pay to do something they can easily do at home and, I’m not sure about you folks, but I sure don’t have the ingredients for seven different cocktails in my cupboards.

Meanwhile, over in the UK when the pubs briefly opened their doors again in the summer, one Cornish town’s pub went above and beyond to implement social distancing measures.


The Star Inn successfully fitted an electric fence around its bar to prevent customers from getting too close.

While a barman at the pub said the fence was ‘more of a novelty’ and usually switched off, it was hoped it would stop customers from misbehaving.

So far, there haven’t been any reports of anyone having been electrocuted…

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