Jelly Cakes That Look Like Tropical Islands Are The Latest Dessert Trend

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 01 Aug 2020 18:56
Jelly Cakes That Look Like Tropical Islands Are The Latest Dessert TrendJelly Cakes That Look Like Tropical Islands Are The Latest Dessert Trenddolnyk.art.cake/Instagram

The world seems to have moved on from banana bread and is now obsessed with tropical island-esque jelly cakes.


Since most of us can’t go to an actual tropical island this summer, you may as well make a cake looking like one instead.

The trend is sweeping across social media with bakers across the globe giving it a go. Personally, I struggle to make jelly on its own, so I’ll probably leave this one to the professionals.

Jelly cakeJelly cakecakesbymk.nz/Instagram

One person to give it a try is Maryam Khan who owns New Zealand-based bakery Cakes by MK.


Maryam said to Insider:

When I saw pictures of this new 2020 cake trend emerging I was immediately mesmerized by it and had to try it. It’s certainly given me more confidence to think outside the box.

I love being able to get creative with my cakes and trying new things that will push me out of my comfort zone.

Maryam said her island themed cake was one of the trickiest cakes she’s made and that it took her two days to finish. Not one for the next season of Great Kiwi Bake Off then…

Another person to give the beautiful cakes a go is Russian baker Elena Ignatenko who has her own pastry shop. Elena has tried several different jelly cake designs, all as impressive as each other.

jelly cakejelly cakedolnyk.art.cake/Instagram

If you dare to have a go yourself, apparently these unique cakes are made with blue-dyed gelatin for the ocean, actual cake for the islands, crumbled cookies or nuts as sand, and chocolate ganache, marzipan, or modelling chocolate for the details.

I’ll take six, please.


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