Jeremy Kyle Viewers Confused By Guest Who ‘Got Pregnant By Breastfeeding’

Woman claims she got pregnant by breastfeedingITV

You would think that after being on our screens for longer than a decade, Jeremy Kyle wouldn’t have the capacity to shock us anymore.

You’d be wrong though. Every week, new guests appear on the show, each bringing their own dilemmas, tears and drama to the stage.

This week it was a young couple who needed Jeremy’s help, asking for a DNA test to be carried out because of disagreements over how the woman got pregnant.

According to The Sun, 21-year-old Barry had brought his ex-wife Gail, 25, onto the show because he believed she had sabotaged their condoms, resulting in her pregnancy with their second child.

He couldn’t get his head around how his wife had got pregnant because he claimed they had used protection every time they slept together, telling Jeremy ‘I was vigorous on that’.

Barry accused his then-wife of cheating on him, saying:

Then she got pregnant, which raised the question ‘how did you get pregnant?’ so I accused her of cheating and she said ‘no I didn’t cheat’. I said ‘what happened then’ and she turns to me and says ‘well I sabotaged the condom’.’

Woman claims she got pregnant by breastfeedingITV

Clearly shocked by this latest revelation, Jeremy struggles to get his head around it and interrupts Barry’s fast-paced talking.

He exclaimed:

Da- da- da- She said I sabotaged the- ?

To which Barry replied in a very matter-of-fact way, ‘condoms’. Needing to hear the full story, Jeremy then called Gail onto the stage to have her say.

Once she sat down, she strongly denied doing anything she had been accused of. She stated that she never touched the condoms and that she got pregnant because of another, quite unusual reason.

She stated:

We got pregnant because I was breastfeeding.

Cue Jeremy’s shocked face and the audience gasping at what they had just heard. And it wasn’t just those in the studio who couldn’t believe what Gail said.

Viewers at home immediately took to Twitter in disbelief about the episode.

One wrote:

You got pregnant cos you were breastfeeding?! it’s harder to get pregnant when breastfeeding – not impossible, but you wouldn’t get pregnant because you were breastfeeding #JeremyKyle

While another exclaimed:

Just to let people know breastfeeding DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT AFFECT CONDOMS #JeremyKyle

And another expressed themselves via a gif:

Got preganant because we were breast feeding #jeremykyle

Another Twitter user contradicted the woman’s claims, stating that you should not be able to get pregnant if you are breastfeeding.

She wrote:

Erm, breastfeeding is a form of contraception if you’re exclusively feeding that way… #JeremyKyle

Regardless of people’s reactions though, Gail stuck to her story and was adamant that this must be the sole reason she got pregnant.

Anyway, eventually the DNA test results were revealed and it turned out that Barry was the father to both of their children, meaning Gail had been faithful to him like she said.

I mean, condoms are only 98% effective guys so maybe that’s the reason for the seemingly unexplainable pregnancy?

I’ll take those odds over the fact that she was breastfeeding any day.

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