Jim Carrey Surprises Jeff Daniels For Brilliant Dumb And Dumber Reunion


Jim Carrey made a hilarious surprise entrance on TV when he crashed Jeff Daniels’ Conan interview.

Daniels was a guest on Conan Tuesday night, (April 17), to promote The Looming Tower, an American drama web television miniseries he’s starring in.

Neither Daniels, nor the audience knew Carrey was at the studio and was about to make an appearance – resulting in a bit of a mini Dumb And Dumber reunion.

You can watch the clip here:

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The two are obviously as strong as ever and their on-screen charisma is still very much there.

One thing we learned was Jim Carrey knows how to make an entrance and Daniels was clearly thrilled to have his mate on the show alongside him.

Part of the Dumb And Dumber charm is the absurdity surrounding the film, including Lloyd and Harry’s (Carrey and Daniels) ridiculous vehicle, the ‘Shaggin’ Wagon’ and their mini-scooter.

Two scooters were used during filming, in which the dim-witted duo used to get all the way to Aspen, and one of them went up for auction earlier in the year.

After just six days on eBay, the mini bike sold for an incredible $50,000.

New Line Cinema

It was originally given to the movie’s transportation coordinator, Gordie Merrick, by directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly. He held on to it for about 20 years before passing it on, while the other bike was given to Planet Hollywood.

According to the seller, he spent ‘over a year slowly restoring it back to original condition’.

He also informed buyers the bike was used in all the up-close riding scenes, so the lucky auction winner’s butt-cheeks will be sharing the same seat as Carrey and Daniels.

Nice work.


Daniels’ latest project, The Looming Tower couldn’t be further away from Dumb And Dumber.

The Looming Tower is based on a book of the same name which is largely focused on the people who conspired to commit the September 11 attacks, their motives and personalities, and how they interacted.

It also stars Peter Sarsgaard, who told the LA Times:

In an emotional event like this, everyone’s first reaction is just to lick their wounds.

It’s completely understandable. But it’s just like if you have a relative who died of a drug overdose, not everyone wants to talk about the heroin problem on the day of the funeral.

So, I think for a long time, I, like a lot of other people — I was scared a little bit, too, but also just not interested in talking about the hows and whys of what had happened.

In the series, Sarsgaard plays character, Martin Schmidt, who’s the head of the CIA’s Al Qaeda unit and is pitted against his FBI counterpart John O’Neill (played by Daniels).

Sarsgaard adds:

I hope, and I think, it would be behavior that was familiar to audiences. This is the way our relatives act with each other; this is the way we act with each other … no one was doing anything that was malicious. It was more out of arrogance.

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