Joe Jonas Dressed Up As Sophie Turner’s Game Of Thrones Character for Halloween

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Joe Jonas dressed up as Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones character for Halloween, and he looks incredible.ย 

As Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, people just don’t seem to be sure when to celebrate it – which seems to have resulted in a whole week of Halloween celebrations.

Not that I’m complaining of course, because it means people have an extended amount of time to show off their amazing Halloween costumes.

The celebrities of the world seem to have really stepped up this year, and there’s been some incredible outfits popping up on Instagram and Twitter.

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Joe was no different, as he dressed up as a character from Game of Thrones in an adorable nod to his love for his fiancรฉe and GoT actor, Sophie.

The musician attended a Halloween party on Saturday (October 27) dressed head to toe as Sophie’s character, Sansa Stark, including a fiery red wig complete with braids, along with a dashing long blue dress.

After posing for some photos with a serious smoulder on his face, Joe shared the images on Twitter, writing:

another Saturday Nite [sic]

Despite his uncanny resemblance to the character, a few of Joe’s fans were still left confused as to who he’d dressed up as.

A few people took guesses, basing their assumptions mainly on his red wig.

One person suggested he’d attended the party as Shrek’s beloved Princess Fiona, writing:

Are you… Fiona from Shrek? [sic]

While another took a shot with Merida from Brave:

Oh sh*t I thought you were dressing up as Merida from Brave lmaoooo Sansa ok ok [sic]

Despite the confusion, many Game of Thrones fans managed to recognise the character, praising Joe for his costume.

One adoring fan wrote:

Oh my God, @joejonas ur costume is insane. I never would’ve imagine that I will see u wearing a wig.. well I saw u wearing a heals but wig, that’s why I love you. [sic]

While another complimented the fact he’d dressed as his fiancรฉ’s character, writing:

I am so done with you joe If this isnโ€™t couple goals then I donโ€™t know what is [sic]

To really complete the circle, Sophie could have dressed as Joe’s character from, say, Camp Rock. I think it would have been the perfect costume to show her love for her partner.

Instead, Sophie opted for a different, but still amazing, costume, which you might be able to see peeking out from the corners of Joe’s Twitter photos.

The actor donned some amazing elephant headgear and turned herself into one of the majestic animals for the party – though she might have made a few people there uncomfortable… because she was the elephant in the room.

Sophie shared some pictures of her outfit to her Instagram story, where she appeared entirely content and satisfied with her choice:

If you continue looking through her photos, you’ll see they might have been taken later in the night when Sansa, aka Joe, looked like he’d had a few too many Halloween drinks.

At least they seemingly enjoyed themselves!


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