Joe Rogan Criticises Black Lives Matter Protest On Podcast

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Jun 2020 10:13
Joe Rogan Criticises Black Lives Matter Protest On PodcastPowerfulJRE/YouTube/PA

Podcast host Joe Rogan has received backlash after he criticised the Black Lives Matter movement and suggested it had no ‘end goal’. 

Protests broke out across the globe following the death of George Floyd, with activists marching the streets, sharing educational resources and using every accessible platform to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement.


The movement fights for justice, genuine equality and for racism to be abolished from every institution and society, but during a recent interview with American biologist Bret Weinstein, Rogan claimed activists were fighting an ‘invisible enemy’.

You can watch the clip here:

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience last week, the host argued the ‘leaderless’ Black Lives Matter movement was ‘attractive to young people [who] feel disenfranchised by the system’. He claimed activists want to ‘feel like they’re part of something’, but asked: ‘What’s the end goal? That doesn’t seem to be very clear.’


Rogan continued:

There are kids out… chanting no justice, no peace… and I’m like ‘what justice are you talking about?’

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He questioned whether the justice referred to the death of Floyd, arguing that it ‘seems like’ the police officer responsible for killing him ‘is going to go to jail for the rest of his life’, and that the police department involved has been disbanded.


He commented:

I don’t know if that’s justice or not, but what is justice and what is peace? It’s just a slogan and they feel good saying it.

I don’t know what you’re saying but you feel very passionate about what you’re saying.

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Rogan continued:


If you pull one of those kids aside and ask them ‘what’s your message and what are you trying to do?’ I think a lot of them would have nothing to say.

That is very concerning to me, I’m very concerned because they seem enthusiastic and passionate about an invisible enemy, an enemy they can’t put on a scale, they can’t tangibly describe it in a way that I can understand it completely. It just feels like the structure of things is unjust.

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A clip of Rogan’s comments began to do the rounds online after the episode was released, prompting many people to hit back at the host.

NBA star Bradley Beal accused Rogan of being ‘ignorant’, and argued that he should ‘get out and ask’ activists what their message is rather than just ‘assuming’.


He added:

And the fact you said invisible enemy is f*cking disgusting! This type of ignorance won’t be tolerated!!

While Rogan’s comments on the matter are controversial, the clip presents an important example of why amplification of the movement is so important. There may be many people like him who don’t understand what people are fighting for, but they need to be willing to educate themselves.

Rogan poses his questions – ‘What’s your message and what are you trying to do?’ – but, as Beal points out, he doesn’t appear to have actually asked them. Doing so would allow him to learn and understand why the movement needs as much support as possible, and we need to encourage anyone in the same boat to do so.

Yes, the officer who killed Floyd might have been charged, but what about every other Black person who has suffered as a result of systemic racism? Justice doesn’t come from one arrest; the entire system needs to be torn down and built back up with equality and justice in mind.

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