Joe Rogan Explains Why Trump Is Still ‘F*cking Dangerous’

by : Daniel Richardson on : 17 Jun 2021 16:26
Joe Rogan Explains Why Trump Is Still 'F*cking Dangerous'PowerfulJRE/YouTube/PA Images

Although he’s no longer in office, Joe Rogan has discussed why he believes Donald Trump is still ‘f*cking dangerous.’

Joe Rogan is one of the world’s leading podcast hosts, boasting millions of fans across various platforms. While the host doesn’t usually get too far into politics, his takes on hot topics have been popular with his listeners. Yesterday, June 16, Rogan gave his thoughts on former president Donald Trump.


During Wednesday’s The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan sat down with political commentator Krystal Ball and journalist Saagar Enjeti to discuss the need for a commission to investigate the Capitol riots.

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The January 6 riots saw Trump supporters attempt to obstruct the democratic process. After being encouraged by Trump’s belief that the results of the 2020 presidential election were fraudulent, despite there being no evidence, the rioters entered the Capitol and terrorised staff.

On the back of this incident, which many saw as a threat to democracy, there has been plenty of news coverage about developments in the response by the government.


During Rogan’s podcast, Saagar Enjeti made the argument that there were more important issues than the obstruction of the democratic process. Enjeti stated that bigger things are happening in the US that aren’t receiving the same kind of media coverage.

In response, Rogan highlighted why he believed the events at the Capitol needed a commission and are still relevant:

I think it’s really important. And one of the reasons why I think it’s important is because it highlights the reasons why a guy like Donald Trump is so f*cking dangerous. [It] is because a guy can incite a bunch of morons to do something really f*cking stupid.

And now that he’s silenced off of social media, and now that that actually did happen, once it becomes a thing, it could be like mass shootings, Right? They didn’t exist. Then they did. Now they’re a thing. That could be a thing.


Capitol Riots: Rioter Hits Out At Trump As He Claims He Is ‘Rotting In Jail’

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Enjeti stuck to his original point and claimed, ‘If it was a real commission, I would believe you, Joe. But knowing how these things work, I know that this commission would be some sort of bullsh*t, like the Benghazi report before it or many of these others.’

Interestingly, there had been a suggestion that Rogan would support Trump in his presidential election in 2016 after Bernie Sanders was rejected as the Democratic presidential candidate.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that Rogan now has a negative view of the former president who is under investigation.

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