Jon Bon Jovi Hits Out At Kim Kardashian For ‘Making A Sex Tape And Getting Famous’

Kim Kardashian@kimkardashian/Instagram

Jon Bon Jovi has hit out at Kim Kardashian for rising to fame through her participation in a sex tape. 

The Kardashians are a family who are always in the spotlight. They’re known worldwide, have their own reality TV show, as well as various make up brands and clothing lines, and while they’ve made careers out of their fame, admittedly, it could be argued it’s stemmed from Kim K’s leaked sex tape.

Kim was already known as a friend of Paris Hilton, but when the tape of her and former boyfriend Ray J was shared with the world in 2007, she burst into the spotlight and took her family with her, changing the celebrity world as we know it.

Come on, we literally hear something about the Kardashians every day. Can you imagine a life without them now?

While Kim might have preferred to rise to stardom in a different way, at least she’s now sitting on top of a pleasant $350 million fortune and has a cute family, with children named after things she possibly just plucked from a map?

Despite her and her family’s success, and moving away from things sex-tape related, it seems she still hasn’t won over a lot of people – celebrities included.

Bon Jovi is one of those people who are still critical of the way she made her entrance into the public eye.

According to Ten Daily, the singer his feelings known when he spoke about the reality TV star in a recent interview with The Sunday Project, ahead of his Australian tour in December.

He spoke about pop culture and brought up Kim, saying:

I think it’s horrific that we live in that world and I can tell you, I’ve never given 60 seconds of my life, ever, to one of those Housewives of Blah Blah and Kardashians.

I don’t know their names, I’ve never watched 60 seconds of the show, it’s not for me.

Bon Jovi performingPA

Maybe if he watched some of their shows he’d start to like the Kardashians? But I’m not one to talk, I’ve never seen it either.

Directing his comments at Kim K, Bon Jovi then added:

What’s gonna be in your autobiography? ‘I made a porno and guess what, I got famous.’ F*ck, sorry, I’ll pass. Go and write a book, paint a painting, act, study, sing, play, write.

If you’re looking to break your way into the celebrity world, Bon Jovi’s recommendations are probably the way to go – at least you know the singer would approve of you too!

In an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2015, 38-year-old Kim admitted she didn’t really think about the sex tape any more.

She said:

I don’t really think about it. I thought about it for a long time. But when I get over something, I get over it.

Kim’s obviously far too busy being famous to think about her sex tape these days!

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