Jonah Hill Turned Up At The Second Annual Jonah Hill Day Party

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jul 2018 19:30
Jonah Hill at his annual partyJonah Hill at his annual partyUpwards Failing

This story makes me want to set up annual days for my favourite celebrities (Jim Carrey if you’re out there, I’m talking about you) in the hope of them turning up.


The men behind Upwards Falling, who describe themselves as ‘two fashion bros who downgraded to a podcast’, were shocked to see the man himself turn up to their annual Jonah Hill Day party.

James Harris, Lawrence Schlossman and Jeremy Robinson-Leon founded Jonah Hill Day in September 2017, but never expected their idol to ever show up.

Speaking to The Cut, Jonah explained that he didn’t go to the first annual Jonah Hill Day party last year because he was ‘too shy’, but he realised it was ‘coming from a place of love’ and the he ‘needed to get over [his] social anxiety’.


Jonah said:

I didn’t go last year because I was too shy.

But I was thinking about it and I was like, These kids are so awesome for doing this. I realised it was coming from a place of love. I needed to get over my social anxiety.

Jonah didn’t just turn up, he was an hour early, which was an accident and turned out to be his ‘worst nightmare’.

There’s nothing quite like surprising everyone to your own party before they all arrive.

Jonah is no longer just the guy from Superbad who hangs around with Seth Rogen all the time, he’s a respected actor. A style icon? And apparently ‘the ideal we all aspire to be’.

Schlossman said about Jonah’s merits:

It’s his fashion sense, it’s his body of work, and he’s a good guy.

He f**ing came! That’s all you need to know.

He’s the ideal we all aspire to be.

He’s just doing his sh*t and dressing well while doing it.


Having been through the most famed ‘glo up’ of all time with an incredible weight loss transformation, Jonah is now an aesthetic icon.

From bucket hats to tie dye, the actor embraces his own sense of style and has his ‘finger on the pulse of what cool kids are wearing in cities across the country’.

Recently hill dyed his hair bright pink, and it actually looked pretty great.

One commentator with the handle @alifomahfix dubbed Jonah their ‘style icon’ while @evyanwaltersomg think his new hair cut and colour job looks ‘so beautiful’.

A string of women have compared Hill to a ‘snack’, which apparently means they fancy him, rather than mistook his new vibrant pink shade for a sweet treat – a popsicle or foam shrimp perhaps – to eat, as initially assumed.

As the son of Sharon Feldstein (nee Chalkin), a fashion designer and costume stylist, Jonah’s expert style judgements shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jonah spoke about how he’d asked Channing Tatum about losing weight – and how he’d accidentally emailed his food diary to Drake.

Speaking to host Jimmy, Jonah said:

I gained weight for this movie War Dogs and then I wanted to get in better shape, so I called Channing Tatum, and said, ‘hey, if I ate less and go to a trainer, will I get in better shape?’

And he said, ‘yes, you dumb motherf*cker, of course you will, it’s the simplest thing in the entire world.


When you compare how he looks in recent photos to Seth in Superbad, or Donnie Azoff in Wolf of Wall Street, he is unrecognisable.

Hopefully he makes it to the party every year!

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