Justin Bieber Unveils Clothing Line And Everyone’s Saying The Same Thing

Justin Bieber new clothing linePA/@drewhouse/Instagram

Justin Bieber has unveiled a new clothing line, and its noticeably colourless style has everyone saying the same thing. 

For a lot of people, the singer can do no wrong. He was a teen heart-throb even before his voice broke, and Beliebers all over the world  allowed his songs to narrate their teenage woes and struggles of heartbreak.

Most fans have stuck by him from the Baby era all the way to the more recent collaborations with DJ Khaled, supporting Bieber’s every move with gusto.

That is, until he revealed the new collection for his clothing label ‘Drew House’.

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Drew is Bieber’s middle name, and presumably after deciding this would make a good name for a clothing line, the singer decided to cover all the bases and make sure no-one could steal the idea from him.

According to The Blast, the 24-year-old filed three trademarks listed for ‘THE HOUSE OF DREW’, ‘LA MAISON DREW’ and simply ‘DREW’ last year.

It seems that then, after some deliberation about the best way to combine the words ‘Drew’ and ‘House’ we ended up with the title ‘Drew House’.

Pictures of the new range started to appear on the official Instagram page earlier this month, and the launch was announced on Instagram yesterday (January 29) with the clever caption ‘open house’.

As in, ‘Drew House is now open’. At least, that’s what I made of it.

Take a look at the collection here:

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Beige, right? It looks like the dinner plate of a fruit-and-veg hater.

After the photos were posted, many people took to social media to share their opinions of Bieber’s new range, and it looks like most had the same reaction as me.

Like this eagle-eyed Twitter user, any Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans out there might be able to spot the similarities between Bieber’s models and the Nine-Nine gang in the episode where they borrowed clothes from Boyle’s family:

Another person compared the dull collection to a range of beige bags:

While I’m sure the singer has put a lot of thought into the clothing line, the ‘About Us’ section of the website doesn’t really do a lot to encourage sales.

The Drew House website reads:

drew house is a place where you can be yourself. blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl wear like you don’t care. come chill. k. bye.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the description seems to have an underlying message which says ‘I’m rich, and whether you buy my clothes or not I’ll still be rich, so it doesn’t really matter’.

Still, I suppose at least there is the positive message of being yourself – albeit a very beige version of yourself – if you wear the collection.

The clothes are quite pricey at $98 for a hoodie and $148 for a pair of trousers, but people are obviously willing to pay Bieber’s prices as a couple of the items have already sold out.

You need to act fast if you want to fill your life with beige-ness!

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