‘Karen’ Caught On TikTok Destroying Book Store While Swearing And Screaming At Staff

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Aug 2021 09:25
'Karen' Caught On TikTok Destroying Book Store While Swearing And Screaming At Staff@jenmarz

Footage shared online claims to show a ‘Karen gone wild’ as a woman is seen destroying a display and swearing at staff in the café section of a bookshop. 

TikTok user and mum Jen (@jenmarz) was in a Barnes & Noble bookshop with her daughter earlier this week when they witnessed the unidentified woman lashing out at members of staff in the café.


It’s unclear from the video what sparked the altercation, but there’s no doubting the woman’s anger as she fired off profanities and told a member of staff to return her money, saying, ‘Give me my f*cking money now, b*tch, give me my money!’

Woman ranting in cafe (@jenmarz/TikTok)@jenmarz/TikTok

In a caption posted with the clip, Jen claimed the woman had launched into a ‘racist and homophobic rant’ before she started recording, with the footage apparently showing the aftermath as she attempted to get her money back so she could leave. Alongside the video, Jen wrote, ‘Karen gone wild in B&N Café.’

The footage shows a member of staff ordering the woman to leave, though she continued to demand her money back by leaning over the counter and slamming her hand down on the surface.


See the video below. Warning: contains language some viewers may find offensive:

The woman continued to cause chaos as she finally made her way out of the café, knocking numerous items off the counter before pushing an entire display case out of place, causing bottles to scatter across the floor.


In a follow-up video, Jen explained that she didn’t think the woman had been arrested for her outburst as she’d spotted her on another video later the same day.

Woman pushes display case in cafe (@jenmarz/TikTok)@jenmarz/TikTok

In response to people asking ‘what triggered her’, the TikToker pointed out that ‘nothing justifies what occurred’ but said the woman had been ‘confronted for taking some bags from behind the main [Barns & Noble] register’.

As for why Jen or her daughter did not contact security or police, the mum said the managers had ‘most likely called already’.


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