‘Karen’ Threatens Neighbour For Having ‘Tigger’ Flag On Property

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'Karen' Threatens Neighbour For Having 'Tigger' Flag On Property@tizzybizzy92/TikTok

A woman claims to have been banned from TikTok after sharing a video of a so-called ‘Karen’ complaining about a flag on her house that featured the Winnie The Pooh character Tigger. 

TikToker Ambrosia shared footage of the altercation she had with her neighbour after her brother hung the flag of Tigger outside their property, next to a flag of the United States.


The video, filmed by a security camera, showed the unidentified neighbour knocking at the door and announcing to Ambrosia that she wanted to ‘talk about this Tigger flag’, stating simply: ‘I don’t like it.’

'Karen' complains about Tigger flag (@tizzybizzy92/TikTok)@tizzybizzy92/TikTok

When asked why she didn’t like the flag, the woman said that she felt the American flag was ‘real nice’ before going on to list a number of features about Ambrosia’s home that she apparently had issue with, saying that she had never commented on the ‘shrubbery being cut’ or ‘the back yard’.

The neighbour, who Ambrosia dubbed a ‘neighbourhood Karen’, then implied that the Tigger flag was something she could not overlook as she continued: ‘But now, I don’t like that.’


You can watch the situation unfold below:


She made a feeble attempt to back up her opinion by claiming the neighbourhood had ‘rules’ and threatening that she ‘didn’t want to have to go find out what they are’ – in turn indicating she actually had no idea whether or not the flag violated any of the ‘rules’.

After Ambrosia pointed out the house wasn’t part of a Homeowner’s Association, the woman replied: ‘No but there’s rules for the community. It’s called Williamsberg something and there’s rules.’


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The woman’s lack of knowledge about the so-called ‘rules’ meant her argument didn’t really carry a lot of weight, though I admit I’d be curious to see what rulebook stated that a house couldn’t display a cartoon tiger on its property.

After allowing the woman to express her belief that the flag made the house and neighbourhood look ‘tacky’, Ambrosia politely explained that she was entitled to her opinion but that she disagreed. Having not immediately got her way, the woman left Ambrosia’s property with the promise that she was going to ‘find out’ about the rules.

Tigger flag (@tizzybizzy92/TikTok)@tizzybizzy92/TikTok

Ambrosia followed up the clip with a picture of the flag and explained that she had briefly been banned from TikTok for posting it, saying: ‘I appealed it and they put it back up, but apparently y’all get mad.’


The TikToker has been praised on the platform for the way she responded to the woman, with one person responding to say Ambrosia had the ‘patience of a saint’.

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