Karens Start Facebook Group Named ‘Karens United’ To Rally Against Being Called Karens

by : Emily Brown on : 10 Sep 2021 16:09
Karens Start Facebook Group Named 'Karens United' To Rally Against Being Called Karens@chaoticqxeen/TikTok/This Morning/ITV1

A Facebook group named ‘Karens United’ aims to change the negative stigma that has come to be associated with the name. 

In the online world, referring to someone as a ‘Karen’ usually comes in relation to a story about a priviliged white woman who has gained attention for speaking down to someone, assuming an unearned position of power or making ridiculous requests in response to a situation that has very little impact on their life.


In the real world, there are undoubtedly thousands of people called Karen who are actually really lovely people, and who have done nothing to warrant the negative stereotypes their name evokes these days, so many of the women have come together through the Facebook group in an effort to tackle the associations.

One member of the group, Karen Feldman, stressed to NBC 2 that she has never arbitrarily asked for a manager, been at the centre of a viral video or had her hair cut in a short, angled way. Instead, she spends her time rescuing dogs and cats and running a mobile pet food pantry from her car.

The description of the Karens United Facebook group depicts another stereotype-defying Karen, reading:


I don’t wear my hair in an inverted bob, I don’t give unsolicited advice, I rarely use coupons and I have absolutely no friggin’ desire to speak to your manager. I’m just a mom trying to juggle my home, my job and my family.

Can you imagine, you are just minding your own business when suddenly the internet blows up with memes blaming you for everything from causing excess stress for retail employees to destroying the environment. What. The. Everliving. Heck?

Now I’ve had quite enough. Something needs to be done and if there isn’t another Karen out there brave enough to lead the charge then, by God, I will.

Karens United Facebook Group (Karens United/Facebook)Karens United/Facebook

Feldman said the Karens she knows, the ‘real Karens’, are ‘pretty nice people’, and pointed out that people are ‘raw and sad and sensitive, and it’s time for us to start thinking about that’, adding: ‘Start being nicer to each other.’

On the Facebook group, Karens who are ‘sick and tired of seeing your name associated with offensive memes’ are encouraged to ‘join the crusade’ and ‘fight back’.


Rather than dubbing difficult women in viral videos as ‘Karens’, Feldman has encouraged people to ‘try to use the words we have’, saying: ‘It’s easier to be nice than to be nasty.’

The Facebook group has welcomed nearly 2,000 members since being created in November 2019.

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