Kate Upton Injured After Falling From Rock During Photoshoot

by : Julia Banim on : 13 Sep 2017 18:21

Kate Upton was posing topless on a rock during a revealing photoshoot, when a wave knocked her into the sea.


The sunkissed 25-year-old model and actress looked like a true siren of the sea as she posed in a elegant tulle skirt and knickers.

Her trademark blonde hair looking tousled and windswept as she gazed out across the ocean.

However, her mermaid-esque grace was momentarily rocked as she was flung into the, luckily shallow, waters, going full newly-legged Ariel from The Little Mermaid.


Mild panic ensued as a crew member tried to catch Kate before she fell. However, despite reaching desperately, he could not quite grasp her in time.

Photographs show the would-be hero struggling to keep a straight face as The Other Woman actress slipped helplessly from her rock, flashing a cheeky bit of her pert derriere as she went.

Crew members quickly helped a drenched Kate to her feet, and she was able to laugh off the incident like a true pro.

Fortunately, Kate escaped the tiny natural disaster with only minor injuries to her feet, and she was able to walk around and joke with crew members straight away.

She was even able to gamely climb back onto the treacherous rock for a second go making the photoshoot picture perfect.

Clearly Kate is no diva. While other models might well storm off to their dressing room to ring their agent, down-to-earth Kate isn’t afraid to take such moments in her stride and have a giggle at her own expense.


The raunchy shoot was for a Sports Illustrated magazine feature. Other pictures showed her modelling a skimpy black swimsuit with a geometric pattern.

There were also pictures of her kneeling on the golden beach, holding her bare breasts in her hands as she shows off her shapely figure.

Work trips for most people involve sitting around in a conference centre in Crewe wondering when the biscuits will arrive.

Kate on the other hand jetted off to sunny Aruba in the Bahamas and so a brief moment of indignity is surely a small price to pay for hanging around on beautiful beaches.

Michigan born Kate has been super busy recently, as her glamorous career goes from strength to strength.

She has recently starred in films The Layover and The Disaster Artist and has also been showing off her talent for lip syncing.

Performing on Lip Sync Battle, Kate channelled her inner nineties era Britney Spears, rocking Britney’s infamous Schoolgirl look from the Baby One More Time video.

She is also experiencing happiness in her love life, and is now engaged to 34-year-old baseball player Justin Verlander.

However, it’s good to know that despite her glittering celebrity lifestyle, stylish Kate has the same moments of clumsiness as the rest of us.


Hopefully a crew member was able to fetch her a nice cold Margarita afterwards to help her recover from her modelling mishap.

In other mermaid news this week footage was shot in Minnesota of what could possibly be a mermaid. Fishy.

Julia Banim

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