Katie Price Says She’d ‘Have Aborted’ Harvey If She Knew He Was Disabled


Katie Price has made an incredibly honest confession about her eldest son Harvey on national TV.

Appearing on the ITV show Loose Women Price, AKA Jordan, said that had she known Harvey would be born blind she would’ve aborted him.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the 37-year-old said:

As harsh as it sounds, if I had known he was going to be born blind, I probably would have aborted him.


13-year-old Harvey, the son of former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke, suffers from a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome which affects his behaviour and reportedly increases his desire to eat.

The youngster also suffers with blindness, autism, and ADHD.

Price did follow her comments by saying she ‘would never change anything about Harvey’ and placed her respect for parents of disabled children on record.

She said:

Anyone who’s a carer, mother, anyone dealing with disabilities, I have so much respect because I know what goes into it.

Price received a fair amount of backing online:

But not everyone agreed…