Kent Mum Leaves Husband To Wed Milwaukee Man She Married In Computer Game

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 30 Mar 2020 14:27
Kent Mum Leaves Husband To Wed Milwaukee Man She Married In Computer GameKennedy News and Media

A mum-of-four left her real-life husband to marry a man she married in a computer game.

Kelly Sexton from Aylesham, Kent, was leading a double life while she was playing a computer game called Second Life. This where she met her now husband Nick Von Asten, from Milwaukee, USA.


Kelly was ‘working’ in a nightclub on the game on New Year’s Eve in 2016 when virtual Nick came in, leaving virtual Kelly ‘hot under the collar’.

Kelly and NickKennedy News and Media

Virtual Nick, who was ‘sporting nothing more than a pair of boxer shorts, wings and sunglasses’, then apparently started pole dancing in front of virtual Kelly.

Following the saucy encounter, the pair starting dating in the game. However, Kelly was adamant the relationship wouldn’t spill over into her real life as she was already married.


Soon though, Kelly and Nick were speaking to each other for 20 hours a day on the game, and claim they fell in love before even seeing what they looked like in real life.

The pair then tied the knot on Second Life, which is when Kelly realised her actual marriage to her husband of nine years was over.

Gaming couple marryKennedy News and Media

Over the next 12 months the two began making plans for their future together, even having a in-game baby complete with digital morning sickness.


Eventually, Kelly saved up some money to visit Nick – more than 4,000 miles away in Milwaukee – and this was followed by several more trips, which included Nick visiting the UK.

While on a trip to England in April 2019, Nick proposed to Kelly on Dover beach with an engagement ring resembling the one virtual Nick proposed with in the game.

The couple then got married (IRL this time) in Wisconsin, USA, the following December surrounded by close family, and they credit Second Life for bringing them together.

Gaming couple marryKennedy News and Media

Speaking of her relationship with Nick, Kelly said:

It feels like a fairy-tale to meet someone who’s 4,000 miles away and have that strong connection.

When I first saw him I felt like my soul had found its mate – my missing piece. It’s a perfect story with a perfect ending.

I didn’t think he could fall in love with me. I’m 10 years older, I’m not exactly slim and I have a disability [fibromyalgia, ME and non-epileptic attack disorder]  – it’s a lot for most people to take. But he loved me from the moment he met me. I got lucky, he’s gorgeous.

While Kelly had her reservations about dating Nick in real life, he sent her pictures of himself and video chatted with her to confirm he wasn’t catfishing her, proving he was who he said he was.

Gaming couple marryKennedy News and Media

Speaking about Nick reassuring her, Kelly said:

We had known each other for about a week and a half before we exchanged real-life pictures, but it felt longer because we were on the game for 20 hours a day. Even though I felt this connection, I was being careful.

I started to panic that maybe I was being catfished, after all I was a 37-year-old disabled mother – hardly a catch. But he sent me a picture and I was blown away by it, he was absolutely gorgeous, then he sent me his Facebook but I was still cautious.

I made him come on video calling and as soon as his face came up on the screen no-one had ever looked at me like that – it was just love. My heart was going crazy and I couldn’t believe he was who he said he was.

Nick was planning on moving to the UK on a spousal visa in August, but after vising Kelly recently, he was unable to return back to the US due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Because of this he is remaining in the UK for the time being.

Seems like Kelly really is living her second life now.

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