Kevin Hart Brilliantly Trolls ‘Fan’ Who Thought He Was Chris Rock


It’s normal to get a bit nervous when you spot a celebrity you really like.

Whether it’s the sheer joy of finding out that they do actually exist in real life, or fumbling about to grab your phone to take a standard selfie it’s understandable to get a bit flustered.

kevin hart web thumbGetty

But you know, shit happens. However, unfortunately for one Chris Rock fan it seems she doesn’t either know what he looks like or thinks all black comedians all look the same after mistaking Kevin Hart for Chris Rock.

Of course, Hart was definitely not going to let her go away with it, oh no. Luckily Kev had his phone handy, and managed to shame the confused fan on his Snapchat story for the entire world to see.

The comedian seemed to take the whole situation in his stride, writing on Instagram: “These are the moments that keep me humble.”

We wish we could this is the first time a black actor has suffered a case of mistaken identity, but it isn’t. Back in 2014, a KTLA news anchor famously mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne.

Well at least it’s nowhere near as bad as the time Google mistook Hart for Bill Cosby…