Kid Destroys $1,300 Of Makeup In Sephora Store

by : UNILAD on : 16 Nov 2017 18:26

A child destroyed $1,300 worth of make-up on display in a Sephora store and it’s pretty hard to look at.


Lovers of make-up will probably find this image difficult to process but yes, you can see smashed up Make Up Forever eyeshadow.

Sephora shopper and makeup artist Brittney Nelson ‘about passed out’ when she saw the scene as she went in to the store in Augusta, Georgia, on Saturday night.

She wrote:


$1300 of Make Up Forever eye shadow destroyed at Sephora tonight due to a small child. I’m sure he/she thought they were like finger paints and had no idea how naughty they were being.

Tons of destroyed products and p*ssed Sephora cast members are a not a happy place to be.

Mammas, please shop for your makeup without your tiny humans. It’s not fun for you…or them…or the expensive product.

She said she and her friend ‘about passed out’ when they saw what she called an ‘atrocity’.


Being me, I’ve needed to bring Allie into many makeup stores as she’s grown and had a strict ‘hands in pockets’ rule for her and a strict 10-minute rule for me.

It was very helpful so if you must take your kiddos makeup shopping I suggest trying it.  This massive demolished palette makes me [sad emoji]. Makeup should always make me [happy emoji]

It looked 100X worse in real life and I don’t work for Sephora. I was just walking in as the mom/kid were hustling out of there.

Shocked Sephora fans were quick to comment on Twitter, with one user writing:

Parents who not only bring their kids on inappropriate outings but let them run rampant are the worst…look at this, $1300 worth of MUF destroyed by an unattended child a Sephora.


As well as the people left horrified by the whole saga, some people weren’t happy about her post and said she was ‘mom-shaming’.

One person wrote:

This is not okay, as if it isn’t hard enough for a mom to be out in public with her young kids 1) the employees didn’t SEE who did this 2) that’s a good 4ft up unless this 2yo is the size of a 10yo I doubt it was a ‘young child’.

Of the negative comments, Brittney told INSIDER:

I woke up to the internet mob of insanity because of my one cranky post. I honestly don’t think I said anything 99 per cent of people don’t think anyway so I’m not that devastated by the hurricane of it.

I’ve seen messed up testers a gazillion times throughout the years from tiny humans.

Despite the accusations of ‘mom-shaming’ and ‘kid-hating’ Brittney said she wanted to make it clear she’s doing neither of those things, but said children messing with make-up counters is something she’s seen ‘often’ while working in retail.

She also told INSIDER, if she ever sees a child ‘acting recklessly in a store’, she won’t be afraid to step in and offer some assistance, because I’m sure that’s what people want.



If I do see a kid doing that in a store I will just offer to help the mom out. That’s what us moms do!

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