Kid Solves Rubik’s Cube In 4.5 Seconds, No One Knows What’s Just Happened


A teenager from South Korea has smashed the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube.

18-year-old SeungBeom Cho, who prefers to go by the name Steve, solved the mind-boggling puzzle device in a mind-blowing 4.59 seconds, crushing the previous record by 0.1 seconds – talk about close calls.

Quite impressive seeing as it takes me about half a day before I complete one side – let alone the whole cube!

Check out the video below:

Honestly, watching Steve go to town on the cube is mind-blowing, it’s like he’s a force of nature as he twists and turns his hands and utilises his mind at the same time – he’s more like a magician.

The record was previously held by Patrick Ponce, from Middletown, Virginia, at a time of 4.69 seconds – he took the title from previous owner Feliks Zemdegs in September.

When young Steve realises what he’s done, you can see the pure euphoria on his face – you’d think he’d won this year’s Ballon D’or!

Those in attendance at the World Cube Association’s ChicaGhosts in Chicago erupt with excitement and applause as soon as everyone sees what Cho’s just pulled off – there probably hasn’t been a room this excited for something so pedantic since this legendary gaming moment.

stevecuber1 / YouTube

While some of you may scoff at this incredible feat I’d just like to put it into context for you, in the time he solved one his Rubik’s Cube you’re still trying to open a jar of Dolmio sauce to make some bolognese. In the time he’s solved the puzzle, I’m still here trying to come up with 500 words to write about how incredible his accomplishment is.

According to Mashable he broke the record by applying a specific technique, which he posts in the video description.

However unless you’re familiar in the language of ‘speedcubing’ it will be lost on you – you stand a better chance of trying to decrypt the Dead Sea Scrolls.

If you’re curious to find out how he did it, here’s his method…good luck in trying to understand it though:

YouTube / stevecuber1

The Reddit community have noted the reason the record is broken frequently – it’s due to ‘speed-cubers’ decrypting the existing techniques, (like the one above), in order to make them faster.

While it’s possible Steve’s record may be broken within a matter of month’s, weeks, or days take nothing away from him – he deserves to bask in his moment in the sun.