Kissing Couple Attacked By Guy’s Girlfriend And Gang Of Friends


I watched Titanic last night and I don’t think I experienced such a spectrum of emotion as I did viewing this Russian video.

At first it looks like a heart-warming scene of young love.

The cameraman quickly makes it weird though by saying “‘Oh yes, yes, great, great! You are beautiful.”…what is he doing with his other hand?

The mood then alters dramatically when a gang of girls run up to them and start beating up the woman and grabbing her hair, the Daily Mail reports.

The cameraman narrates the situation saying “What are you doing? Why are you stealing my boyfriend, you cow?”


The video went viral in Russia and was picked up by national television.

The man tries to protect her, but gets dragged away, leaving the woman with one of the attackers…I worry for what happened next, they are not holding back.