Lamborghini Creates $1,400 Electric Go-Kart That’s Perfect For Drifting

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Aug 2020 15:52
Lamborghini Creates $1,400 Electric Go-Cart That's Perfect For DriftingLamborghini Creates $1,400 Electric Go-Cart That's Perfect For DriftingXiaomi

When someone says ‘go-kart’, you might have fond memories of a childhood birthday party or the last time you played Mario Kart. You probably wouldn’t think: ‘Lamborghini’. 

That’s all about to change, though, because the expensive carmaker has partnered with Chinese electronics company Xiaomi to create a miniature Lamborghini race car in the form of a go-kart.


The vehicle, known as the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition, is made up of a scooter base which can be removed from the base of the tiny racer and used independently, meaning customers actually get two vehicles for the price of one.

Check out the go-kart below:

That price is a lot more than your average trip to the local go-kart track, but isn’t too bad for a Lamborghini-branded vehicle as it comes in at $1,446. It’s definitely a much cheaper option than an actual Lamborghini, which would typically set you back around $200,000.


The kart could make for the perfect alternative to a splashy sportscar as it is adorned with ‘classic Lamborghini elements’, such as the iconic yellow paint, stickers, badges and the race car-style rear wing.

If you’re a lover of that drift button on Mario Kart, the vehicle is also equipped with aspects which make it perfect for drifting and racing, such as custom rear tires and four different driving modes – safe, novice, sport, and track – that can be selected in its app, Business Insider reports.

Lamborghini Creates $1,400 Electric Go-Cart That's Perfect For DriftingLamborghini Creates $1,400 Electric Go-Cart That's Perfect For DriftingXiaomi

Racers will be able to listen to their favourite driving playlists while speeding about in the kart as it also comes with four speakers that can play music with its Bluetooth capabilities, or if they really want to get that Lamborghini feel they can play audio that mimics the sound of one of the car’s engines, whether it be a V8 or V12.


Xiaomi explained the body silhouette of the four-wheeled go-kart was inspired by Lamborghini, including the multi-layered front lip which was created to help cushion any potential impact.

The kart has anti-collision barriers for increased safety and a tail designed to be aerodynamic for a sports car feel and for a better, more stable drive as you reach the top speeds, which in a four-wheeler will be 24.9 miles-per-hour.

Rather than having to fork out for petrol to fill up your tiny Lamborghini, the kart is powered by a 432-watt hour battery pack that’s also equipped with four air ducts.


Each go-kart will come with its own chassis number plate, with keen customers able to pick them up in a limited release starting on August 25.

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