Lego Have Just Released The Job Of Your Childhood Dreams

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jan 2016 14:03

Lego have just advertised a new job which can let you regress back to your childhood… and you’ll get paid to do it. 


If you fancy yourself as an epic Lego builder, Merlin Entertainment will probably want to hear from you.

They own the Legoland theme parks and have apparently hired 50 Lego builders so far and are looking to add 20 more to their expanding team according to news channel Fox 13.

It’s believed the majority of these jobs will be at its new ‘secret LEGO factory’ in Winter Haven, Florida but they also have bases in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia and the U.A.E.


The hiring process seems quite vigorous and is thought to involve several interviews, as well as freestyle builds to show off your mad, lego skills.

Previous builders have come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from engineers to teachers and they have even found some of their best builders from Lego fan events. So anyone has a chance!

It’s no surprise that they’ve had a shit ton of applications already…

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