LEGO-Loving Dad Spends 5 Years And $100k Building Massive Toy City

by : Cameron Frew on : 31 May 2020 18:08
LEGO-Loving Dad Spends 5 Years And $100K Building Massive Toy CityCaters/Warner Bros.

In a New Jersey basement, one man has spent nearly $100,000 building his own LEGO Movie metropolis, equipped with its very own Avengers Tower. 

It all began in 2015, when Josh Foote moved his LEGO sets from his bedroom to his new home with a 1,000 square-foot basement. There, he began expanding his city; now, it takes up around 50% of the space down there.


Consisting of 1,600 different sets, plus an additional 81,000 pieces of LEGO, custom buildings and other city-building paraphernalia, the 35-year-old’s family ‘never realised how crazy it was until they walk down the stairs to my basement and see just how large it is’.


The base levels of LEGO are estimated at $50,000, with extra pieces adding another $14,000, and custom buildings – such as the Avengers Tower, a museum and skyscrapers – ranging between $500 and $1,000 a piece. Josh reckons he’s spent roughly $96,000 on his city.

Josh, a political consultant, explained that he came through what the ‘LEGO adult fan community’ refer to as your ‘dark ages’ to rediscover his passion for the building bricks later in life.


He explained:

Growing up, Lego was one of the toys you could see me always playing with, and I had a makeshift city that you would imagine a young child building in the early 1990s. Like most kids, I grew away from toys and into sports and other such activities during my high school and college years.

Fast forward to Christmas of 2012 when my then-girlfriend, now wife, and I were at a Toys ‘R’ Us getting Christmas presents when I saw some of the Marvel Avengers Lego sets. She ended up going back and picking me up one of the smaller sets and I was hooked again!

Of course, Josh had to complete the Avengers team – but as he says, it’s a ‘slippery slope of buying all the sets’ he missed out on. Later, he discovered LEGO Creator Expert, ‘which is billed more towards adults with their complexity and prices’.


The city has its perks. ‘Everyone likes to see what’s new when they stop at my house. Additionally, it has made the holidays easy for them, as buying me a LEGO set is an easy purchase for them,’ he said.

Across his basement, around 50% of the space is taken up by the city, while 25% is dedicated to extra storage and the rest is for holiday decorations. There’s a lot of moving parts down there, so his and his wife’s seven-week-old baby ‘hasn’t been roaming freely as of yet’.


However, ‘When he gets older, I imagine I will let him play with it under my supervision,’ Josh said. It’s good to know we don’t have a real-life LEGO Movie Lord Business on our hands.

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