Lesbians Reveal Why They’re Better Than Guys At Picking Up Women

by : UNILAD on : 05 Apr 2016 17:25

As a single man you have to get pretty used to being shot down when trying to chat up women, well from my experience you do…


Well guys, get ready for some serious insight as you can now thank the lesbian ladies from season six of Generation whY for schooling us fellas on how to woo women reports Elite Daily.


Quite often, all the stuff men do when they’re trying to impress women just comes across a lot better from another woman:

I wouldn’t necessarily say men are worse at picking up women than lesbians are, but for some reason their pickup lines just look way better on us.


But it sounds like lesbians have some other, pretty enviable advantages:

Lesbians have an advantage because they can be chivalrous without being accused of being chauvinistic.

It doesn’t even stop there. While men flounder and flap like fish out of water, women know exactly what’s going on:

We might as well have an honorary doctorate in the art of ‘girl’ – we can read her like a book and giver her exactly what she wants.


According to the ladies, other women are also better at starting conversations, are more confident when talking to them and can even go the extra mile to win their affections by giving them their spot in the toilet queue.

I guess for a lot of men it’s because they want to come off as confident and charismatic but without giving off creepy ‘Nightcrawler’ vibes.


But the most valuable piece of advice that crops up is undoubtedly this:

If you want to pick up a woman just ask her out for pizza – because if she doesn’t want pizza, she’s probably not someone you want to hang out with anyway.

To be honest that is just a rule for life in general.

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    Lesbians Explain Why They’re Better Than Men At Picking Up Women