Lidl Is Selling Bottles Of Prosecco For £3.33


What is the August bank holiday for if not to sip a glass or two (or three…) of prosecco in your back garden?

Yet again, Lidl has read your mind. On 26 and 27 August, thrifty shoppers can pick up a six pack of Allini Prosecco for a penny pinching £20. This works out at only £3.33 per bottle.

Hailed by many as the ‘bargain of the century’, Prosecco fans will be saving a canny £11.50 off the usual retail price, where single bottles are normally priced at £5.97.

Just think of all the things you could spend that £11.50 on, for example, more prosecco…

If you are wondering about the quality of this bargain fizz, then have no fear. The prosecco has a refreshing rating of 85 out of 100 as rated by Lidl customers, and is classed as ‘very good’.

Excitement is already building on social media so you might have to nip out to the shops early before all that is left is empty shelves and hiccups.

Now all thats needed is a big bowl of strawberries and some sunshine…