Life’s Greatest ‘Little Victory’ Is Discovering Cash In A Coat Pocket


There are some victories in life which transform a person’s very existence; elevating them to legendary status among their fellow human beings.

I’m talking about scoring a World Cup goal, stepping up onto an Olympic podium, winning a mind-blowing sum of money on a television quiz show.

However, there are other more mundane victories which we can all strive to; no matter how hum-drum and uneventful your day is going.

I, for one, am pleased to know I’m not alone with a sense of satisfaction when the bus rolls up at the stop just as you arrive.

It’s moments like this when you just know your day is going to run as smooth as silk.

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A new study conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by online casino, has delved deep into the little wins which make us grin; dutifully categorising the top fifty micro victories.

This included when a social event you wish would vanish from your calendar gets cancelled (amen!), as well as when your fave ever song comes on when you’re out (one million times yes!).

However the biggest ‘little victory’ of all, will perhaps not surprise you too much, as it’s one of those mini-miracles, which can brighten the Monday-ist of Mondays.

Yes, I’m talking about finding forgotten cash in a coat pocket. In summer, I found a crisp twenty pound note in a winter coat I’d shoved to the back of my wardrobe. It was the last week before payday and I near on danced for joy.

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This glorious triumph was closely followed by the ecstasy of ‘something you were planning on buying anyway, being reduced in price’ and the elation of ‘getting an unexpected discount on an item when you reach the checkout.’

Greg Tatton-Brown, from, stated:

There’s something completely untainted about finding an extra fiver in a coat you haven’t worn in a long time and it feels right the experience was named the ultimate little victory in life.

In fact, any opportunity where our finances receive an unexpected boost, however minor, appears to be a key factor in brightening up our day when we need it.

Tatton-Brown added:

They are innocuous in most cases and often barely worth bringing up in conversation, but there’s still a small and personal joy in getting a little win when things might not be going your way.

Whether it’s spotting a lucky penny on the ground, landing a lucky win on an online game, or even swinging your car into a parking space flawlessly, life is full of little victories.

The boost we receive to our mood and the effect an unexpected victory can have on our day at large, is worth celebrating and we would encourage Brits to keep an eye out for these fun moments of success.

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Fascinatingly, 74 per cent of Brits believe a little win is powerful enough to bring a bad day back from the brink of catastrophe; giving them a cheerier outlook.

A quarter of Brits, understandably, think they’re more likely to encounter a win while at home, a seemingly much more miraculous place than the office.

You’ll perhaps not be too surprised to learn how one in five of us rush to social media to share our glorious achievement with our (surely applauding?) followers.

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Despite this public crowing, we’re much less self-absorbed than you might think; with many of us taking genuine pleasure in the triumphs of our pals.

Thirty seven per cent of us feel a boost after learning of the victories of others, with 48 per cent admitting they strive daily to ensure those around them get the little wins they need. What cuties we human beings can be.

So make sure to keep an eye out for any of your besties who might need a little win in their lives.